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Online games have many benefits. Besides entertainment, online games boost the academic performance of your child. These games can teach your child different values in life such as patience, perseverance and good sportsmanship among others. However, there are so many online games out there. Before you choose any of them, it can be wise to undertake proper research. If you have been looking for the best online games for boys worry no more. Here are the top games for boys of all times that your child should play.



Tetris is among the most sought after online games in the world today. The game is not only easy to play but also fun. Players do not need special skills to play this game. The game is played side by side thus giving your child an opportunity to showcase his prowess as far as online gaming is concerned. You can also join your child in playing the game since it has been designed for children as well as adults. The next time you want to buy any game for your children do not look beyond Tetris. The fun and simplicity of this game will make you to fall in love with it even more.

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

I cannot forget the last time I played this game. The fun of flying through the skies on the bunny ears will impress you even if it is your first time to play this game. I just love the meatiness, non-linearity and complexity of the game as your progress from one stage to another. I have no doubt to say that Six Golden Coins stands out from other games for boys. The end games tend to pit Mario against, Wario- the boss villain.


Have you ever played pokemon? Well, if the answer is no then there is a lot that you have missed in the world of online gaming. Do not deny your son an opportunity to play this game with his classmates or neighbors. As much as some people argue that this game is demonic, the fun and craziness of the game are among the things you cannot let your son miss. At the age of 37, I still feel like I should be playing this game because it is simply one in its own class.


NBA jam deserves a slot in the top games for boys. Hate it or love it NBA JAM rocks. Your children will have fun at port such as Mortal Kombat and Battletoads among others. The roster is complete and the music that accompanies the game will keep your child playing all day long. Do not leave your child bored as you continue performing home chores when you can engage him with this game.

Kirby’s Dream Land

Some of the words that come to ones mind when they hear about Kirby are rarity, sugary and diversity. The game is unique and full of fun. Kirby is considered the eponymous hero of the entire adventure. His offensive nature tends to spit out the stars.

Whether you are working in a team or you’re working alone just fine, it is important that you know how to bring the best efficiency and efficacy of you or your group in developing software. If you prefer working alone, you will shoulder all the tasks, but if you’re working in a group, you should know how to outsource and put the talent of your members into good use.

Also, you might want to keep in mind that this is going to take a while before you can propose an incredible product, but if you allow yourself to concentrate and focus on the thing that you are most passionate about, you will be able to develop your software in the best way possible. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Set your priorities

Create a stress-free environment for work

womanrelaxedatworkYour working environment will most likely affect the development of your software that is why it is important that you create a healthy working environment with no distractions at all and no signs of negativity so that you can increase your productivity.

Make sure that your working place is free from clutters and as much as possible; you should unsubscribe from marketing emails that do not interest you, and you should also turn off your notifications from your different social media accounts and temporarily block websites that are tempting to open.

It is also advisable that you wear some voice isolation headphones while you are working so that you can avoid getting distracted by your co-workers because an uninterrupted workflow is one of the best ways to increase your productivity.

You should be able to set some priorities, too. Know your goals to keep up with your development process and make sure that you have a plan for the rest of the day so that you know exactly what to do, and you’ll avoid bumming around. There are some technologies that could help you in setting up priorities and having a few of your co-workers or your manager perhaps, to check your progress will also boost your motivation to become productive in your day.

You should make it a habit that before you leave for work write a quick to-do list and your priorities for the next day. Having a focused mind on the next day will assure you that your day is going to be well-spent and you can organize your time wisely.


Plan for the process of your software development

agile_software_development_methodology2It is also advisable that you plan for your software development and just before you turn on your computer, you know what exactly to do and how you would deal with the task. Most of the programmers would spend their time planning first before they turn on their computer and start their work.

You should be able to identify different patterns as soon as possible so that you can increase your productivity. Even if it’s just a small task, you should have a plan inside of your head on how you are going to execute it so that you can already go on with your work without any distractions.


Do not overwork

As much as you wanted your development process of software to be done in no time, overworking is not the answer to your question because it would just waste your time. Make sure that you know how to maximise your brain power, but not to the point that you are forcing it for the sake of having multiple tasks done that day. Take your time because it will affect both your health and your career.

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